A few years ago, the Town & Country Shopping Center in Kettering, OH began a beautification project, and as a part of that effort Leonard was awarded the contract to paint a mural on the back wall of the mall. The mural is just shy of 100 feet long, and about 18 feet high, with a section at one end about 30 feet high, which required the use of a lift bucket. The biggest challenge was working around the electrical lines and camouflaging all the wires, conduits, utility boxes, etc. into the painting.

Leonard used a picture of himself as a model for one of the subjects, a man sitting on a bench reading the sports page. It is part of a restful, old-town shopping scene with specialty shops and lots of greenery. Among the many other scenes are a little girl entering a toy store, a young couple looking in the window of a furniture store, an elderly couple in front of a restaurant and a father walking with his young son.

The project was started in early September and completed in mid-October taking approximately 230 hours. Acrylic latex house paint was used for most of the “background” work, with artist’s acrylic paints used for the people and detail work.

“I knew it would be a big job before I even got into it. I’d never done a mural this size before,” commented Len. “The fun part was talking to the people who stopped by to watch, many of whom came back often to see how it was developing.”

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